Sustainable Art

Artist: Davit Nava

He is a Mexican artist originally from the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Since childhood Davit has had a very close affinity to nature and art.

Since 2014 Davit integrated his passions for the environment, when he began transforming waste into art. Davit decided to reuse plastic bags, old clothes, and pieces of metal that would have ended up in the trash bin.

After a great flood that occurred in a field of Davit’s grandparents, and motivated not to dispose the trees that laid on the ground, Davit transformed the sadness of this natural disaster into something positive. Davit started making wooden sculptures and transformed them into different artistic creations which he named: Post-natural disaster wood sculptures. He decided to bring life back to these trees by transforming them into nature sculptures that could remind people of the nature that existed before the flood. This experience was the beginning of his interest in using only post-natural disaster wood for his artistic creations.


Shortly after this experience, Davit captivated by the traditional Mexican alebrijes, began creating his own types of alebrijes inspired by nature. One of the animals that motivates Davit is the chameleon, because this animal teaches us that to survive it is necessary to adapt and camouflage with nature.


In addition to alebrijes, and due to his fascination with the large biodiversity of nature in Mexico, he also began to carve birds with the main objective of drawing people’s attention back to nature. One of his great collections is the one inspired by birds. Some of his collections are inspired by real birds, in which Davit observes the most representative features of them and he paints simplified lines and geometric forms to more easily recognize these birds. Among these collections are: the Birds of Mexico City (, the Colibries of North America, the Pollinators of the World, and Butterflies of Mexico City.

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The bird collection is a large collection with more abstract designs inspired by the diverse nature in Mexico and its wide range of colors. Davit shapes these wooden sculptures into artistic designs (contemporary, progressive, simple, and modern) that creates something truly unique and special.

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